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In these unreal last months that we lived through and adapted along the way to the best of our knowledge, I chose to use very simple fabrics in the upcoming collection for Spring / Summer 2022, which I transformed with various interventions.
In order to elevate them to another level by the very way they were used.
Most of the fabrics used are of Croatian production, and the collection also includes deadstock fabrics or older ones, such as linen made about 70 years ago, also in Croatia.
Thus, the classic raincoat fabric served as a more elegant version of a raincoat or coat.
The fine cotton normally used for the table program was used to make dresses, tops and raincoats that were dyed in a rust bath.
Rust-painted details appear on the jacket, which with a pleated top tied at the back starts from the renaissance costume, and using the renaissance as a starting point is associated with spiritual and intellectual rebirth and a new outlook on life because I think we will not emerge from the pandemic as the same person.
For the first time, a hand-made knit (top with fringes) made of soft yellow chenille appears in the collection.
A leather coat and skirt were made from the remnants of leather from previous collections.
In fact, the remnants of the leather themselves dictated the shape and were therefore spontaneously assembled after a large amount of cut cubes. It was this unencumberedness that was the main guideline in making a bag consisting of a series of three balls, each circle is one compartment stuffed with the filling of recycled plastic bottles, and the bags can also be carried around the arm.
For the first time, a slightly higher ‘headband’ hat was handmade for the collection.

Photo / Denis Butorac
Make up and hair / Petra Sever
Model / Maria Buric / Colors Model Management

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