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Photo / Franjo Matkovic
Make up / Petra Sever
Model / Iva Grdic

The look of clothing itself is inspired by the still very present ‘business’ code of clothing in our society, and then the clothing items undergo different types of transformation, derailment and destruction.

In contrast to the rigid forms of suede and coat, the garments are made of silk painted in a natural bath and then various techniques such as natural print with leaves and objects subject to corrosion that require a longer period of time to create ‘natural print’.

Textile materials are either finished or crafted completely by manual dyeing process.

various techniques have been used, all with an emphasis on natural dyes and methods that require a certain amount of time to lead to the desired result. Most of the silk is shaded in a bath of plants like chamomile, chicory, coffee, black tea, and a bath with rusty objects.

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