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The collection was created in the time of pandemic, in the last few months.
I was thinking a lot about all these mixed emotions of uncertainty and fear going through my head lately.
Then I realized the best I can do now is to let it all come out in any way possible.
One way was to do it through the collection.
It is a small collection made of classic pieces with a twisted elements and cut outs showing the inner layers and skin through the surface.
Collection was mostly made from italian deadstock fabrics and other natural fabrics as wool, cashmere, cotton and silk.
Silk used for the details was finished by hand, dyed naturally which resultet in unique yellow golden hues.
Linen used for the details is antique linen made around 70 years ago on a loom in Croatia.
Leather used in the collection is a waste leather from food industry.

Photo / Denis Butorac
Hair and make up / Petra Sever
Model / Mihaela IM studio model

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