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  • Looks 18 for Insight collection

The last few months I could look deep around, there was time. Look deeper into myself and the clothes around me.
How it behaves in relation to the body and in what ways the body deforms it; crowded, wrinkled, pulled where sometimes it shouldn’t be.
That’s how it was in my head.
The relationship of clothing to the body and the overlapping of garments on it that erases the clear boundary of one item.
The Insight collection was created in conditions that in themselves suggested an approach where only what is already existing is used, which is the main element of this collection; it is recycled and repurposed, which makes each garment limited and each can be made in very small quantity.
Deadstock fabrics were used to make most of the garments, while the jacket and coat were made from recycled blankets.
Linen cloth was made in Croatia on a loom (over 70 years old linen) and was used to make a jacket and skirt that was pleated entirely by hand, such as pleated Croatian folk costumes, for which the fabric is very likely made.
The leather jacket is made of leather which is waste of the food industry.
Throughout the collection, mostly natural materials such as silk, linen, cotton and viscose were used.

Photo / Denis Butorac
Beauty / Petra Sever
Model / Dora S

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