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Photo / Franjo Matkovic
Makeup / Petra Sever
Hair / She cuts your hair
Model / Dora Sabljic

Starts from Rembrandt’s picture of a woman; wise, strong, yet at the same time feminine.

More specifically, it is a depiction of the goddess Minerva in the Baroque edition, striking for its powerful play of light, shadow and rich draperies.

The goal was to achieve just that atmosphere with photographs, light and shade by coloring the fabrics in the golden and dark tones that prevail in the picture.

Rich handmade pleats are a major feature of the collection, aiming for wearability and comfort.
The collection looks at the baroque woman in several segments.

Primarily, these are strong contrasts and hand-dyed fabrics, of which many garments are made.
The fabrics are dyed with natural dyes like those used in Baroque, and the earthy and gilded tones are achieved by the tannin compounds found in various plants.

The element of underwear is also flowing through the collection.

Here, this wrinkled undergarment is put into the function of the upper and is also transferred to a part of the trousers, protruding from under the skirt like a long lining, carelessly folded silk that associates with the lower tunic.

This effect of the wrinkling and exaggeration we see in Baroque clothing is here in the form of an inflated bag that is available for the first time.

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